SB Awards 2011

SB Awards 2011
SB Awards 2011
SB Awards 2011

Awards & Commendations

Opportunities and Resources Inc. (formerly known as Opportunities for the Retarded, Inc.) and ORI's founder, Susanna F. Cheung, have received numerous awards and commendations, such as:

Hawaii Small Business Magazine's 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for ORI (Opportunities and
Resources Inc.) and Susanna F. Cheung

Pacific Business News named Susanna F. Cheung as one of the Business Leader of the Year finalists in 2009

Junior Achievement names Susanna F. Cheung, Hawaii Business Hall of Fame Laureate, March 2009

The Mandarin Award, Hawaii Chinese Civic Association, November 2005 (For serving as a role model
and in recognition of Mrs. Cheung's contributions to Hawaii and the Chinese community.)

Honolulu City Council, Certificate of Recognition for ORI and Helemano Plantation for its exemplary
service to the community, 2002

William M. Usdane Award to ORI and Helemano Plantation in recognition of their outstanding support for the
employment of people with disabilities. ORI's work trainee was also nationally recognized for exemplary
service in providing custodial services to the federally-contracted work programs under the Javits-Wagner
O'Day (JWOD).

Recognition of Susanna F. Cheung who was voted Outstanding Businessperson of the Year, Chinese
Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, 1999 (For financial success demonstrated for at least 3 prior years and
contribution to the community.)

Recognition of Susanna F. Cheung who was voted one of Hawaii's 12 Most Remarkable Women of the 20th Century by KITV 4, September 1998

The President's Citation Program for Private Sector Initiatives awarded the prestigious National C-Flag
to ORI from President George Bush, 1989 (In recognition of the joint partnership of ORI with the
American Society of Interior Designers)

KGMB-TV names Susanna F. Cheung one of the "Women Who Have Changed Hawaii"

"Woman of Achievement" award to Susanna F. Cheung by the Soroptimist International of Waikiki, Inc.,

Recognition of Susanna F. Cheung as one of the three "Outstanding Achievers of Hawaii" by Pioneer Federal
Savings and Loan Bank, 1987

Certificate of National Merit to ORI from the National Recognition Program for Community Development
Excellence, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, "for successful participation in an exemplary
public/private partnership for the greater benefit of their community and serving as a worthy model for other
communities." 1986